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chatt_legends's Journal

Chattanooga Myths, Legends, and Ghost Stories
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This is a discussion community for urban legends unique to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Posts about ghosts, haunted houses, and abandoned buildings are all welcome, as well as those from surrounding cities. We can't leave out the Chickamauga Park after all, can we?

This community isn't just ghost stories and monsters. This is a place to discuss history too small for books, but no less important. It's a place to talk about abandoned buildings and exploration. It's even a place to discuss oddities that no one you know has seemed to heard of before. It doesn't even have to be in Chattanooga, directly. The surrounding area counts just as much. And it doesn't matter if it happened to you, your best friend, or the girl who was in first grade with your great aunt. We're interested. Really we are.