Christie (happydwarf78) wrote in chatt_legends,

This is Cool!!

Very very cool. :) I've always had a fascination with all things unexplained and while I lived in Ohio, I could tell LOTS of things, but since moving down here, I've heard very little. I do know some, though. :)

First, I read a book about the Bell witch. Not in Chattanooga, but at least in TN. :)

I used to have a friend down here.. one day she went up on Signal mountain to take pictures. She stopped at a church and took some pictures of it. When she got them developed, there was a glare on the side of one. She brought the pictures with her to visit me in Ohio and decided to play with them. I opened it up in photoshop, isolated the glare and started to play with the brightness and contrast, until I saw something. And boy, when I saw something, it was UNDENIABLE. It was an older-ish man, in a gray-ish uniform, with a hat, a beard and a gun. I think i still have the pictures somewhere, and I will try my best to dig them up and figure out how to post them on LJ.

*shrug* That's all for me. But I'm really happy to see this community. :)
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