brookejones21 (brookejones21) wrote in chatt_legends,

South of Chattanooga

Hey there. Well I live in LaFayette GA just about 30 mi south. Have you ever heard of DWM or CW? AKA Devil Worship Mountain and Corpse Wood? Well its a mountain in Trion (10 min from here. HEre is part of the story of why SO many people visit DWM.
Corpse Woods is a place where two murders took place. The two men that were murdered, Dr. Scudder, and Mr.Odem, were homosexual devilworshippers. It's understandable that peoples imaginations run a bit wild when they go see the remains of the manor. Rumors have it that the place is haunted, of course they are just rumors ... right?
Either way, you can read about those rumors,or you can read about what happened that night on Dec. 12 1982. Both are equally creepy .
Ive been there many times. The web site is very interesting so check it out. I'm not sure who created it but never the less its nice.
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