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Hi, and welcome to Chattanooga Legends. I started this community because our area has so much history, and I've rarely heard any urban legends that don't involve the Chickamauga Park. Surely, there must be more out there, and I've just not talked to the right people.

This is really a result of my own personal searching, but I figure there must be more people in the area with the same obsession with urban legends and folklore that I have. We need a place where we can get together and discuss.

This community isn't just ghost stories and monsters. This is a place to discuss history too small for books, but no less important. It's a place to talk about abandoned buildings and exploration. It's even a place to discuss oddities that no one you know has seemed to heard of before. It doesn't even have to be in Chattanooga, directly. The surrounding area counts just as much. And it doesn't matter if it happened to you, your best friend, or the girl who was in first grade with your great aunt. We're interested. Really we are.
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I grew up in North Chattanooga,near Dupont.On their property was a place we called "The Witches Den".It was basically a large sinkhole that was surrounded by large old hardwoods,with briars and brambles growing between.Many of the locals used the site as a trash dump,so the floor of the hole was always awash in refuse.Many times while camped out near the den, we heard mysterious noises or saw strange lights coming from it(none of us was ever brave enough to go there after dark).Once while searching through the trash,we got really spooked,and ran out of it.I ended up stepping on a large rusty nail,and ran it all the way through my foot and tennis shoe.That pretty much ended my forays into the den.
I once asked someone why it was named "the Witches Den" and got various replies,including it was once the home of an evil Indian Witch who was burned at the stake by the Indians for practicing "Black Magic".The most rational explanation I heard was that it got its name from the old hardwoods at the entrance to the den.The trees had large hollowed out spots which looked like eyes,a nose,and a mouth.And one had a spot over the face which resembled a witches hat.
I don't know that this place still exists,it may have been covered over by the Dupont Parkway(but maybe not).Next time I go by my parents house I might just drive down the end of their street and see if its still there.rp
Thanks for creating this community. I live here in Chattanooga.
Check out my website.
If you want to start a forum on it about urban legends, etc. let me know I can set one up.



August 24 2008, 04:42:12 UTC 9 years ago

what is the name of the people in the story?
i don't know much about it.

there is said to be an opening near the read house, but it may be closed off now. there also may be one somewhere in grafitti alley (located near the suntrust building in downtown).

i've heard stories about this place, but i've never been.

underground chattanooga is, more or less, what the city used to be. there are abandoned buildings, all ceilinged off, streets, etc.

i warn: do not attempt to enter at night. there ARE people who inhabit the place who could be harmful. you don't want to mingle with these people - most of them are on the run from the law, who have killed people, junkies, homeless people, et cetera - those who REALLY cannot afford to be found by ANYONE.

by the way:

to find the entrance, i'd suggest asking the locals. specifically, the homeless people. i've never tried, but i'd recommend asking the 'friendlier' homeless people - if you know azteca, ace, or chuck, then ask them. i never have. these people generally inhabit frazier avenue (aka north shore, north chatt) just north of coolidge park. hang around the riverhouse or stone cup long enough and you'll run into them. be prepared to offer money or cigarettes for the answer, but again, i don't know if they know.



March 22 2009, 22:47:11 UTC 8 years ago

I am a reporter for the University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga paper and I am writing a story on the myths and legends of the Chattanooga area, more specifically the UTC campus area. I am new here and do not know much about the history. If anyone could lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

This is a short article describing how underground Chattanooga was created and why. As far as how to get there, those secrets are more closely guarded, alot of the sewage system is connected to it. Also there is an entrance in Big River, the basement of course, The Read House I believe, and several of the older buildings downtown. I have lived here all my life and never been down there, but it does it exist.
There is nothing in Underground chatt. The times free press do arcles on it from time to time. Most of the old buildings are part of it. Their basement used to be the first floor. There are no roads, nor building. There are tunnels though, the sports barn and rhythm and brews are connected. also you can see the exit of a tunnel in a military graveyard on the german side. you will see the top of the bricked up tunnel. the easiest part of underground chatt to see is on the bottom floor of the parking garage next Buffalo Wild Wings and across from the republic tower. you can see the old foundations in the first one and the second one you can see under the street and and some sealed off doors. Thats all. sorry to burst everyones bubbles about building and elaborate tunnels and stuff like that. it is just basements, and maybe some of the places under the grates.